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Does your business have a large volume of crop byproducts? We have a solution that helps you recycle it in a value-generating way.

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Fresh, easily digestible, premium insect protein and oil for aquatic animals, fur animals, pigs, and poultry.

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Do you own a pet food shop? Are you a feed manufacturer or a merchant? Become a member of our reseller network!

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Innovation for entrepreneurs and investors seeking new business opportunities in the insect industry: technological tools and investments.

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The mass breeding of insects: a sustainable solution to the emerging protein crisis

The importance of alternative protein sources has magnified due to the uncertainty of protein feed availability, the gradual increase in costs, the alarming degree of population growth, and their meat consumption. These are the alternative solutions that we also believe in.

Grinsect's method of operation has been appraised thanks to the limited agricultural resources. Our activity will play an essential role in the future since insect farming can be done in a relatively small space with an excellent nutritional efficiency index. Better yet, we do it in a way that does not harm the environment, has low water requirements, does not require a new area of farmed land, and has low greenhouse gas emissions.


Let's shape the future together, as a team for sustainable agriculture - join us!

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Everything related to the black soldier fly is just a few clicks away: breeding and rearing technology, insect products, pet food.


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If you wish to buy Grinsect products in large volumes regularly, please indicate your unique request here.

Unique offer

Innovation and sustainability from a trusted European market player

Our mission is to become a market stimulating and educating economic player in Hungary and the region by promoting precision farming, environmental awareness, and vertical insect farming on an industrial level.

Grinsect engages in mass breeding, rearing, and processing of the black soldier fly (BSF) for feed purposes and is also into developing and automating the BSF technology. Our innovation aims to produce protein in an eco-friendly way by reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible.

In doing so, we offer an alternative waste management and feed production solution.


Several years of intensive insect breeding and processing experience.


Individual orders are fulfilled just as quickly.


Introducing a value-generating byproduct recycling method.

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