Own-developed black soldier fly breeding technology tools and kits

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Repeatedly tested, reliable partner for home- and small-scale insect breeders

Grinsect provides ready-to-use solutions from breeding to rearing for those wishing to enter the insect breeder's community.

Our tools are specifically optimized for the needs and natural instincts of the black soldier fly so that anyone can become an effective insect breeder.

Creating the proper environmental conditions is key to insect breeding, and there is no rule of thumb for the production scale you should start. Our tools are designed with a great emphasis on user-friendliness and modular design that makes it easy to control the number of larvae produced: choose your breeding technology tools individually or order them as part of one of our toolkit offers!

Grinsect has more than four years of professional knowledge of breeding and rearing the black soldier fly. Our own-developed products are the outputs of several rounds of product development, tested with excellent results in Hungary's first licensed insect protein production facility.

Learn about the tools and functions needed for black soldier fly breeding and rearing.


An essential tool for breeding, where mating and controlled ovipositioning in the Fly hive takes place. The Lovecage netting helps to improve lighting efficiency thanks to its excellent light transmission. The manipulation hole allows the Darkcage to be attached to the device. On the other hand, the zipped opening helps to install the Fly Hive in the Lovecage or change the egg trap.

Fly hive

An essential accessory of the Lovecage, with a complex role. The upper tray is responsible for watering the flies, while the attractant-filled bottom tray with the aroma-treated egg traps is necessary for successful, controlled egg laying. The device is optimized for the instincts of the flies, reducing the mislaid to 5%.


A breeding technology tool in which the final stage of metamorphosis takes place and after pupation, the black soldier fly emerges in its final form. The Darckcage helps to ensure that the flies mating in the Lovecage are the same age.

Breeding LED lamp

Special, own-developed LED lamp with a 5-year manufacturer's guarantee and a gift timer to stimulate the mating of black soldier flies. The Grinsect LED Breeding Lamp allows flies to mate and lay eggs efficiently, ensuring continuous reproduction of your colony.

Rearing crate

A uniquely designed black soldier fly rearing crate is especially for mass insect producers. With our special-designed crates used in a vertical rearing system, the maximum production capacity can be multiplied due to space saving.

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Breeding toolkits are the best value for money!

Beginner breeding toolkit

A ready-to-use breeding package for those just learning about intensive black soldier fly breeding: plenty of sources of natural sunlight is required in addition to the kit.


  • 4 pcs Lovecage size M
  • 2 pcs Darkcage
  • 4 pcs Fly hives
  • +1 piece of complimentary Lovecage netting
Advanced breeding toolkit

Contains bigger and additional Lovecages than the "Beginner" toolkit. Thanks to artificial lighting, continuous, uninterrupted production is ensured even without a natural light source.


  • 1 pc 200-watt Breeding LED lamp
  • 6 pcs L-size Lovecages
  • 3 pcs darkcages
  • 6 pcs Fly hives
  • + 2 pieces of complimentary Lovecage netting

Download the breeding and rearing installation guide to learn more about

The maximum daily production that can be achieved with the breeding toolkits.

The criteria for the building required for breeding and rearing (space requirements, ceiling height).

Environmental conditions necessary for breeding and rearing.

We recommend Grinsect breeding and rearing technology tools for:

Insect breeders

Whether you're thinking about home or small-scale insect farming, our tools can help you become an expert in no time.

Livestock farmers

Produce your farm animals' daily protein needs yourself! Predictable, healthy, cost-effective.

Companies with untreated plant-derived byproducts

The black soldier can convert organic waste into body mass through bioconversion in just a few days, while conventional composting can take several months.

Does Grinsect repurchase the larvae I produced at home?

We are currently unable to repurchase the home-grown larvae from our clients. Please stay tuned and follow us for any updates or future solutions on this matter!

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