Insect meal and insect oil
for a sustainable feeding

Insect meal and insect oil

Premium quality insect products for aquatic animals, fur animals, poultry, and pigs

An environmentally friendly feed material partially or fully replaces conventional proteins such as soy and fishmeal.

Insect meal, Grinsect's flagship product, is a valuable and healthy animal protein rich in essential amino acids and fatty acids perfectly suitable for livestock feeding. With its high lauric acid content, insect oil can inactivate various bacteria, fungi, and viruses. In addition, its anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effect helps reduce the use of antibiotics in the feeding industry.

Grinsect's insect meal and insect oil are from 100% Hungarian-bred black soldier fly larvae, fattened only on plant-based feeding substrates from registered partners.

An easily digestible, fresh, and natural feeding material that every farmer needs

Our larvae are contamination-free due to our fully controlled environment, EU-compliant plant-derived feeding, and sterile processing operation. They do not pose any risks to public health.

During our operation's breeding, rearing, and processing phases, we neither use any artificial additives, chemicals, antibiotics, or any method or technology that would affect or modify our quality standards or the analytical composition of our products.
Insect meal

A premium protein that rivals the highest quality animal-derived protein sources with good digestibility and anti-allergenic properties. It is rich in essential amino acids, stimulates the immune system through its chitin content, and its minerals strengthen bones.

Insect oil

A sustainable and healthy source of energy, rich in omega3 and omega6 fatty acids, contributes to a healthier digestive system and stronger immune system. It is a perfect alternative to fish-, palm-, and coconut oil.

Easy-to-digest energy source
A substitute for traditional proteins and fats
Vitamin-powered, rich in essential-and antimicrobial fatty acids

Positive impacts of insects in animal feed

Aquatic animals

  • Highly nutritious protein resource, ideal from the spawn stage
  • Sustainable solution for fast growth: premium quality natural nutrient
  • Quick energy source thanks to easy-to-digest essential amino acids

Pet food

  • Rich in fatty acids for a healthy digestive system and reduced stress
  • Easily digestible, positive effects on fur and skin
  • Hypoallergenic, free from GMO, additives, and preservatives
  • It helps the proper functioning of the intestinal flora

Poultry, pigs

  • It helps to reduce the use of antibiotic
  • Better feed conversation ratio
  • Free from dioxins and growth hormones
  • Stronger and healthier livestock: faster weight gain, eggs with stronger shells, tastier meat

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