Easily digestible, natural feed materials for the proper health of our animals

Grinsect's processed insect products are easily digestible and rich in essential amino acids, Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids. Our environmentally friendly insect-derived products have a positive effect on development and growth. Thanks to their nutrient content, they fit perfectly into the diet of our pets and farm animals.

Insects have always been an integral part of animals' diets, so we are attaching a known, natural element back to the food chain by using them for feeding purposes. According to current European Union regulations, the processed black soldier fly larvae are allowed for feeding purposes for fur animals, aquatic animals, pigs, and poultry.

Produced from 100% Hungarian-bred black soldier fly larvae
Bred, reared, and processed according to European Union standards
Natural, GMO, and chemical-free feed material

The era of awareness in animal nutrition: the high protein content and the unique fatty acid profile characteristic of the black soldier fly species all from a sustainable source

Insect protein for feeding purposes

Although the demand is constantly increasing for protein, the availability of traditional sources is limited. As a result, our finite agricultural resources cannot meet the market demand in the long term in the expected quality and quantity under such performance constraints. Emerging supply chain problems in feeding can be easily remedied with insect meal of excellent nutritional value.

Grinsect Black soldier fly protein, 1 kg

Our de-fatted insect protein, made from dried BSF larvae, is a natural feed material that can either fully or partially replace soy meal and fish meal in animal feeding. Its amino acid composition and digestibility rival fishmeal, and by replacing extracted soy meal, we contribute to the popularization of the circular economy.

In addition to the excellent nutritional values and high protein content, thanks to our controlled operation and plant-based feeding, our larvae are always fresh and do not carry any public or animal health risks. We do not use artificial additives, chemicals, or antibiotics during their breeding, rearing, and processing.

Insect protein is an excellent choice for animals with a monogastric digestive system. Including it in their feed makes it possible to reduce the use of antibiotics and achieve a better feed conversion ratio and more efficient growth.

You can download the product data sheet of Grinsect's insect meal here:

Insect oil rich in fatty acids

In addition to traditional proteins, it is vital to provide a natural, nutrient-rich solution instead of the currently imported animal and vegetable oils as well. As an easily digestible, fast source of energy, insect oil perfectly replaces fish oil, palm oil, or coconut oil.

Grinsect insect oil

A sustainable and healthy energy source rich in Omega3 and Omega6 fatty acids. Thanks to its high lauric acid content, it has an anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effect and can inactivate various bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

You can download the product data sheet of Grinsect's insect oil here:

Why use Grinsect's insect products in feeding?

Due to its high protein content and unique fatty acid profile, it is an ideal and natural ingredient in pet food, fish, pig, and poultry feeds.

Due to its chitin and lauric acid content, it contributes to a strong immune system and can reduce antibiotic use.

Easily digestible energy source, free of dioxins and growth hormones, promotes the proper functioning of the intestinal flora.

Hypoallergenic, additive- and preservative-free raw material can be given even from the weaning/ spawn life stage.

When used as a performance enhancer (low mixing rate), it can also improve the feedstuff's biological value.


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