Live black soldier fly products for breeding or feeding

Live black soldier fly product photography

Fresh, chemical-free stock grown on plant-derived feeding substrate

Whether you are looking for some healthy pet snack or wish to boost your insect colony, you can find the most suitable form or life-cycle stage of the black soldier fly in our diverse product portfolio. Thanks to sterile breeding and plant-based feeding, our stock is always fresh, completely chemical- and contamination-free.

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We offer a wide range of live black soldier fly products for pet owners as healthy pet snacks or breeding stock to every beginner and experienced breeder.


In 2 and 5 g packs, with complimentary starter feed and user manual. Ideal for new breeders or as a genetic refreshment of an existing black soldier fly colony.


We provide two larvae stages in different packagings: 5-day-old larvae (5DOL) - for scaling your production and adult larvae - the perfect feed for birds, reptiles, and other animals.


A superfood with a twist: when it turns into a fly, it brings out the hunting instinct in your pets. For breeders, it is recommended as a starter stock with our breeding technology tools.

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