Efficient by-product management, value-generating recycling

In our vertical insect protein manufacturing facility, the black soldier fly larvae are fed with food and feed industry biowaste. These larvae are one of the most promising candidates to transform low-value streams (grain, vegetables, fruits, and a wide range of stem residues) into high-quality protein and fat during a so-called bioconversion process.

Feeding the larvae and utilizing their power in such a way is an environmentally conscious choice. We are here to produce a premium animal protein with a low ecological footprint from biowaste and substrates otherwise untreated or useless to the production and processing sector.

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The mass rearing of black soldier fly larvae comes with a significant feed uptake. We are constantly looking for farmers, processors, or other operators with a considerable amount of untreated plant-based by-products who seek alternative, value-generating, and cost-effective recycling solutions.

Why is it worth becoming Grinsect's supplier?

Business Opportunity

In our long-term partnership, we take over by-products at a mutually beneficial price, so companies don't have to transport or treat them at a high cost. This way, the otherwise useless bio waste does not occupy space unnecessarily.

Protein crisis management

Together, we can mitigate one of the most pressing problems of our time. Your by-product becomes valuable insect feed. Through bioconversion, we can provide sustainable protein sources to fur animals, aquatic animals, poultry, and pigs.

Value-creating biowaste recycling

By supporting the EU Green Deal efforts, our partners can help increase the proportion of organic by-products recycled and do something meaningful for the Earth by being more sustainable.

Any company that has significant amount of the following by-products is an excellent fit for our supplier network:

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