Full-fledged, hypoallergenic insect protein-based dog food

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An environmentally friendly, natural, and artificial additive-free energy source

Every responsible pet owner knows it is undoubtedly vital for your pet to access healthy, energy-rich, and natural food.

When creating our recipe, our main concern was not only to reward puppies with tasty treats but also to provide them with a daily source of adequate nutrients and active ingredients to support their vitality, always curious lifestyle, the development of the nervous system, and a strong immune system.

With Grinsect's dog food, you no longer have to choose between sustainability and healthy nutrition. Black soldier fly larvae can convert large-scale otherwise untreated organic byproducts into valuable protein and fat, essential components of our dog food. Insect meal is a nutritious animal protein rich in essential amino acids and fatty acids, while insect oil, with its high lauric acid content, inactivates various bacteria, fungi, and viruses. We offer our products to sensitive, allergic dogs and climate saver pet owners!

Grinsect hypoallergenic dog food is made using insect protein and insect oil produced from 100% Hungarian bred and reared black soldier fly larvae.
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Find the optimal food for your pet!

You can minimize the possibility of any allergic response with our soy and gluten-free recipe. Still, there's more: other than our very own bred and processed insects, our product lacks animal-derived ingredients! Therefore we provide the perfect treat for even the most sensitive pets.

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For small dog breeds

Junior, Adult, and Senior dry food in 1 kg and 5 kg packages.

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For medium-sized dog breeds

Junior, Adult, and Senior dry food in 3 kg and 14 kg packages.

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For large dog breeds

Junior, Adult, and Senior dry food in 3 kg and 14 kg packages.

Positive impact with selected ingredients

With its optimized nutrient, essential amino acid, mineral, and vitamin content, Grinsect's dog food fulfill the requirements of scientific standards set by the National Research Council and regulations by AAFCO. In addition, it contains a high dose of immune system boosters like Vitamin E, Zink, and Selenium.

Healthy fur and skin
Healthy fur and skin

Essential fatty acids, zinc, carotene, and vitamin A positively affect fur and skin.


Promotes the proper functioning of the gut flora: it is easily digestible and does not cause bloating or a feeling of fullness after consumption.

Strong immune system
Strong immune system

The components such as carotene, vitamins E and D, zinc, and selenium stimulate the immune system.

Excellent protein source

A balanced source of protein, thanks to its original and added amino acid content (methionine), supports growth and the formation of antibodies.

Rich in fatty acids

Fatty acids are essential for stress reduction, a healthy digestive system, and proper nerve development.

Free from allergens

It contains no animal-derived ingredient other than insect meal and insect oil, free from known allergens such as wheat, soy, and tomato.

Rich in lauric acid

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effects, it kills or inactivates bacteria and enveloped viruses.

Finally, a Hungarian, GMO-free dog food made from selected ingredients from a trusted partner.

No more compromises; your pet deserves the best!

Our unique formula, created by experts, is an alternative to other traditional, hypoallergenic, insect-based dog foods

Free from other animal origin ingredients

It contains only black soldier fly protein and oil from Grinsect's breeding and processing facility.

We produce insects, so we take control

Grinsect operates the first licensed insect protein manufacturing facility in Hungary, and our expertise guarantees high-quality insect production.

Shop for a greener future

With every 1 kg of dog food you buy, you contribute to recycling 3.5 kg of otherwise untreated plant-based byproducts in a value-generating way.


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