Modern society faces several global problems, such as the disproportionately growing population, increasing food and protein demand, and the drastically growing food wastage in developed countries. There is enormous pressure on the food and feed industry. The rising temperature and climate change prevent production growth and harm conventional crop growth. Unfortunately, animals are also at risk due to the wasteful consumer demand.


The time has arrived to find alternative agricultural solutions to the fact that further growth in extensive crop production and animal farming is limited, that the harmful effects of over-production and over-fishing are already visible in our environment, and that climate change will gradually reduce the opportunities in horizontal farming.

These are the alternative solutions we believe in at Grinsect.

The BSF larvae in our vertical insect breeding and processing facility are fed with food and feed industry biowaste. This cycle contributes to the low ecological footprint and sustainable and environmentally friendly protein production. However, our work has gained importance due to the limitations of conventional agriculture resources. Those sorts of activities will play an essential role in the future; they can be done in a space-saving way with a great nutritional efficiency index, in a way that does not harm the environment, can be started on a small scale, have low water requirement, do not need new pieces of land that needs to be cultivated and have low greenhouse gas emission.

UN Sustainable Development Goals supported by Grinsect

Several global problems can be solved by large-scale insect production where insects are fed on organic waste: the growing and ongoing problem of biowaste management can be fixed by using the vegetable byproducts for insect feed, which also results in adding a new element to the feeding chain as a competitive and environmentally friendly alternative to fishmeal.

Responsible consumption and production
  • 12.3 Reduce food losses along production and supply chains
    BSF larvae convert waste food and another biowaste into protein. With the help of bioconversion, we are moving the agricultural and food industry waste back into the production chain.
Protection of oceans and seas
  • 14.4 Regulating overfishing
    Fishmeal made from aquatic fish can be replaced by BSF meal for feeding purposes; hence it helps preserve the biological diversity of resources and help stop unnecessary over-fishing.
Life on land
  • 15.2.1 Sustainable management of all types of forests
    There is a massive demand for soy worldwide. Its monocultural production is the second largest indicator of deforestation. Replacing soy protein with insect protein can reduce deforestation and promote responsible farming.
Understanding the bioconversion process

Using BSF larvae is an environmentally friendly choice. By doing so, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions; with every kg of locally produced protein, we can contribute to decreasing over-fishing and reducing the proportion of imported protein products such as genetically modified soy. By exploiting black soldier flies in such a way, a forgotten but efficient element of the food chain can be re-introduced in the 21st-century economy, which contributes to a more sustainable environment.

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In our facility, 1 kg of insect meal produced reduces CO2 emissions by 6.4 kg compared to the output of other environmentally harmful proteins.

During our year-round operation, we can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 140 tons!

With every kilogram of Grinsect's hypoallergenic insect-based dog food you buy, you also contribute to recycling 3.5 kg of otherwise thrown-away byproducts in a value-generating way.

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