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Within the EU, specific regulation authorizes the use of insect proteins originating from only a handful of species. Thanks to its remarkable characteristics and analytical composition, the black soldier fly is not just eligible for farming purposes, but it is an excellent feeding material for aquaculture, fur animals, pigs, and poultry.

The black soldier fly is one of the most promising candidates to transform low-value biowaste streams into high-value resources. The gut of the larvae has high amylase, lipase, and protease activities, allowing it to be highly polyphagous and thus ideal for utilizing a wide range of agricultural byproducts. The larvae convert the substrate into mainly valuable protein and fat in a process known as bioconversion which can be easily mixed into animal feed.

The black soldier fly (Hermetia Illucens) is a fast-growing, non-invasive fly species that can be bred in intensive farming and is native to equatorial climates. The entire lifecycle of the BSF is 45 days while it undergoes complete metamorphosis.

Larvae and fly
The Black Soldier Fly lifecycle
The Black Soldier Fly lifecycle

Legislation overview

Feed materials for insects

Plant-based byproducts

Eggs and egg products

Milk, milk-based products, milk-derived products, colostrum


Unprocessed food: meat, fish

Catering waste, slaughterhouse byproducts

Manure of animal origin

Farmed insects
Rovarok Authorized species: black soldier fly, common house fly, mealworm beetle, lesser mealworm, house cricket, tropical house cricket, Jamaican field cricket, silkworm
Animal species that allowed to be fed with insect-based feed
Live larvae Insect meal Insect oil

More information: https://portal.nebih.gov.hu/-/a-rovar-eredetu-termekek-takarmany-celu-eloallitasa

Value-generating recycling to tackle the protein crisis

Large-scale insect production can solve several global problems by feeding insects on organic waste. This alternative recycling method creates a new level to the organic waste management pyramid by reducing the amount of untreated biowaste. In our operation, we are engineering insects and pushing out the boundaries of the 21st-century feeding industry, which contributes to a more sustainable environment.


How do we do it?

How we do it?
How we do it?

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Breeding technology for individuals or start-ups: with our home or small-scale breeding and rearing technology tools, you can become a successful insect breeder in no time.

Partnership opportunities for businesses: as a company generating a large amount of byproducts, you can now become a member of the insect industry with low barriers to entry by joining our network or integrator model.

Shop in our webshop: whether you seek commodity or insect technology, the Grinsect webshop provides both firsthand.

Black soldier fly

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