Advanced breeding toolkit

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A turnkey breeding toolkit for mass black soldier fly breeders.

The Grinsect advanced breeding toolkit solely includes our own-developed breeding tools such as the Lovecage, the Fly Hive, the Darkcage, and a breeding LED lamp. Thanks to artificial lighting, uninterrupted, continuous production is ensured even without the need for a natural light source.

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The maximum order limit of the product is 5 pieces; if you are interested in more, please contact us for an offer.

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Due to our climate, breeding black soldier flies can only be done indoors, in a controlled environment (except in summer). Still, with the help of the Grinsect breeding kits, you can do it in your home. Our toolkits are optimized for the needs and instincts of the black soldier fly, so you can efficiently maximize your home-scale production under the right environmental conditions.

  • Ideally, your breeding area should have a ceiling height of at least 2.5 m,
  • The space requirement for the beginner breeding kit is at least 25-30 m2 of enclosed space with a cleanable floor (this includes the extra space required for incubation and pupation),
  • It is not necessary to provide a natural light source, as the breeding LED lamp can be used to stimulate mating, but maintaining the ideal temperature (~28 degrees) and humidity (min. 55-60%) is essential in black soldier fly breeding.

With providing the necessary environmental requirements, a daily production capacity of 50-100 kg of live larvae per day can be achieved with an advanced breeding toolkit. In addition, our advanced breeding toolkit is recommended for those considering higher volume production or those whose breeding units do not have adequate natural light sources.

When ordering an advanced breeding toolkit, you will find the following items in the box:

  • 1 pc 200-watt breeding LED lamp: The essential production tool stimulating flies' mating.
  • 6 pcs size L Lovecage: An essential tool for black soldier fly breeding, as the mating and controlled ovipositioning take place here.
  • 3 pcs Darkcage: The final stage of metamorphosis occurs in this darkened tool: after pupation, the black soldier flies reach adult form and are ready to emerge and mate in the Lovecage.
  • 6 pcs Fly Hive: As an essential tool in the Lovecage, it has two functions: to collect eggs and provide water for the flies. Using it contributes to reducing the mislaid eggs rate to below 5%.
  • +2 complimentary Lovecage nets


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The breeding toolkits do not include the starter breeding stock or the rearing crates, but you can also get them from our webshop.

Starter breeding stock

To see the results of your work quickly, we recommend 5-liter pupae as starter stock for our breeding toolkit.

Breeding box

Are you looking for a small-scale production to start with, or want to get maximum performance immediately? An advanced breeding toolkit requires 120-170 rearing crates. These crates take up an additional 15-20 m2 of space.

Product advantage

With Grinsect's self-developed breeding toolkits, anyone can become an insect breeder, even in the comfort of their home.

User-friendly and practical
Easily scalable production
Expandable, modular design

We recommend our advanced breeding toolkit for:

Black soldier fly breeders

For intensive insect breeders ready for larger volume production: whether in a home or small-scale conditions.

Livestock owners, farmers

Black soldier fly larvae, in their live form, are an excellent source of protein for aquatic animals, fur animals, pigs, and poultry. With this ready-to-use toolkit, you can quickly produce your protein supply.