Black soldier fly eggs


Fresh black soldier fly eggs from a safe colony reared on plant-based byproducts.

In addition to your order, enjoy the perks of a package of complimentary starter feed and a product guide, which will help you achieve the highest possible hatching rate, whether you are a beginner or experienced in rearing black soldier flies.

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The black soldier flies (BSF), similarly to other insects, breed with internal fertilization; females lay an average of 500-600 pieces of eggs upon mating. The species' life cycle starts with the egg stage, which hatches on the fourth day after ovipositioning. From this point, the 7-stage larval development process begins. After delivery, keep in mind that eggs need to be protected against environmental impacts, such as wind, rain, or direct sunshine (do NOT spray).


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What you need to know about this product

The eggs will start hatching shortly after delivery; therefore, they should be placed above their feed source as soon as possible. Until the 5th day from hatching, the larvae are pretty vulnerable; hence, you need to ensure that they are kept in a humid environment at a minimum of 28 °C.


Eggs weigh ~0.025 mg each.


1 gram of product contains ~37,000 eggs.


10 liters of larvae can be harvested on the 14th day from 1 gram of eggs if they are kept under ideal conditions.

Product benefit

Always fresh stock straight from Grinsect's 100% Hungarian breeding facility

The black soldier fly eggs offered by Grinsect come from a healthy breeding stock reared only on plant-derived feeding substrate.

Product guide for successful hatching
Always fresh product
Calculable and fast delivery

The black soldier fly egg is recommended for:

Beginner insect breeders

Those who are just getting acquainted with intensive insect breeding and want to learn the peculiarities of each stage of the species without having to deal with breeding.

Experienced insect breeders

Those who know the importance of continually refreshing their stock's genetics and those who want to expand their existing colony quickly.