Black soldier fly pet snack – larvae


Freshly harvested, 100% Hungarian bred black soldier fly larvae.

The larvae are always fresh, contamination-free, and highly nutritious, thanks to controlled and strict breeding standards and plant-based feeding.

Gross unit price: 104.21 €/kg

The maximum order limit of the product is 1 piece; if you are interested in more, please contact us for an offer.

For orders outside Hungary, request a unique offer for the best price possible.

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The package contains a minimum of 150 larvae (25 g), and we deliver it straight to your mailbox. Please check your mailbox regularly in the following days of your order.

Product Safety

  • Produced in a fully controlled environment using an optimized and safe plant-based feedstock mixture originated from registered and traceable partners, strictly following all EU regulations (EC 1069/2009 and EC 142/2011) and production standards.
    Our products are regularly tested for heavy metals, pathogens, and pesticides.
  • Store separately from food.
  • Not suitable for human consumption.

Thanks to our fully controlled, precision breeding method, Grinsect's black soldier fly larvae are same-aged (14-15 days old) and same-sized (~0,15 g/pc); therefore, the prepupae (black larvae) ratio is under 2%.

Analytical composition of black soldier fly larvae:

  • Moisture content: 61,2%
  • Crude protein: 17,5%
  • Crude fat: 12%
  • Crude ash: 3%
  • Calcium (MG/KG): 9,34%
  • Phosphorus (MG/KG): 3,56%


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Everything you need to know about black soldier fly larvae

The larvae are off-white, torpedo-shaped with a firm exoskeleton, and strong chewing mouthparts to shred and devour feeding substrate.

There are 6 instars in the larval stage, and passing through it all requires 13-18 days. We can refer to a larva as an adult if it grows to a size of 20 mm. As they reach the 6th instar, they turn dark brown and step into the prepupa phase. During their development, the larvae are greedy feeders; they can eat twice their body size a day, so it is crucial to always provide them with enough streams of fruits, vegetables, and grain for optimal production.

Product benefits

Always fresh stock straight from Grinsect's 100% Hungarian breeding facility

The black soldier fly larvae offered by Grinsect come from a healthy breeding stock reared only on plant-derived feeding substrate.

Free delivery
Easy to digest premium protein source
Optimal calcium-phosphorus ratio
Can be a primary feed to pets without limitation

How to store the black soldier fly larvae properly?

Once your package arrives, place the larvae from the bag in a pot, crate, or container. When kept as a part of your insect colony, place the larvae in rearing crates and give them plenty of feed. When used within two weeks, keep them in a dry, cool place protected from sunlight. With prolonged storage, the larvae may pupate under favorable conditions, from which flies hatch within a few days. However, it can still be an ideal food for reptiles and other pets in this form.


The larvae stage can be maintained for one-two months if stored at 13-15 °C.

Feeding is not necessary, but they would consume any stream of fruit, vegetable, or grain.