A breeding technology tool where the final stage of metamorphosis happens, and after pupation, the black soldier fly emerges in its adult form.

The Darkcage is crucial in ensuring that same-aged flies will mate in the love cage, guaranteeing a high mating ratio.

Gross unit price: 141.84 €/piece

The maximum order limit of the product is 10 pieces; if you are interested in more, please contact us for an offer.

ATTENTION: Delivery time for orders of this product may be more than 5 working days.

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The tools and conditions under which the metamorphosis occurs are decisive for effective black soldier fly reproduction. Of all the development cycles of the species, the pupae state is one of the most vulnerable. So it is crucial to use tools that can create critical environmental factors such as prolonged warmth, darkness, and a calm environment isolated from wind and moisture. When designing and developing the Grinsect Darkcage, in addition to the needs of the soldier fly pupae, compatibility with other tools, particularly with the Lovecage, has also been considered to maximize the breeding efficiency.

Product information:

  • Dimensions (length x width x height): 70x81,5x63 cm;
  • Diameter: 150 cm;
  • 2 manipulation openings: a zipped opening for putting the pupae inside, sluice system to control the number of flies going to the Lovecage;
  • The textile is machine washable at 30°C;
  • One Darkcage can accommodate up to 15 liters (~50,000) of pupae.

When ordering the Grinsect Darkcage, you will find the following in the box:

  • pipes that provide the frame and stability of the device in 4 different sizes;
  • plastic panels, screws, and wheels for assembly and mobility;
  • the elements for the sluice system;
  • special Darkcage fabric made of dark material;
  • crates that fit into the cage for ideal placement of pupae;
  • assembly guide.


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Why do you need Darkcage?

Because you want an optimized, stress-free, and controlled breeding process. If kept under unfavorable conditions, individuals ready for pupation by age may have a prolonged period of the pre-pupae phase. In this case, they are forced to devote part of their energy accumulated during fattening to finding the ideal place and conditions for transformation. This occurrence will set back your production.



You put the pupae in on one side and let the flies out on the other: the sluice system prevents freshly hatched flies from emerging at the wrong time.


The wheels fixed to the bottom of the cage allow you to move the pupae quickly and safely, and they can be easily rolled in front of the Lovecage waiting to be filled.

Suitable for controlling the stock

To ensure efficient production is recommended to put roughly same-aged prepupae/pupae in the crates (age difference should not be more significant than 8-10 days)

Developed to meet the needs of the BSF

With Grinsect Darkcage, you can be sure to protect your stock from light, moisture, and wind.

Product benefit

For every conscious breeder, it is essential to have the best, most efficient breeding technology tools

The Grinsect Darkcage has undergone multiple rounds of product development, making it a reliable partner for many satisfied black soldier fly breeders.

Efficient & Practical
Tested in our breeding facility
Easy to clean
Carefully selected textiles

The dark textile of the cage does not let light through and ensures proper ventilation.

Compatible with Grinsect breeding technology tools

Whether you have a size M or L Lovecage, the Darkcage can be universally fitted to both sizes.

Suitable for supplying multiple Lovecages

One Darkcage can supply 2-4 Lovecages with flies. It is up to your goals whether you leave it attached to a Lovecage for 1-2 hours or 24-48 hours.


This Darkcage can be your reliable breeding partner for years with proper care and attention to washing and cleaning.