Fly Hive


The essential tool for controlled ovipositioning and efficient breeding.

Thanks to its design, the Grinsect Fly Hive ensures a high survival rate of the eggs laid in the correct place; it is practical and can be used for a long time.

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The Fly Hive has got a very complex function. It is equally crucial for the colony's current and subsequent generations. Although it consists of 3 parts, which are very compact thanks to its multi-story layout, the Fly Hive provides what flies need.

  • Upper tray: its purpose is to provide water for the adult flies; an additional sponge is used to prevent drowning
  • Egg trap: a tool for ovipositioning and collecting eggs. Flies can lay their eggs in a safe place, between egg-laying sheets treated with a unique aroma. This egg trap is protected from light by the watering tray from above. At the same time, the eggs are also protected from drying out by the moisture coming from the lower tray.
  • Lower tray: one of the critical elements of the controlled egg-laying is a good attractant. This wet and sweet-smelling mix attracts females to the egg trap.

When you order the Grinsect Hive, you will find the following items in the package:

  • 1 sponge to prevent flies from drowning
  • 2 egg-laying sheets and 192 pre-treated egg-laying plates to ensure continuous production
  • 20 pieces of plastic rubber to fix the plates
  • 2 trays for watering and attractive material
  • assembly guide.


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Why will the Fly Hive have an essential role in your breeding facility?

It serves the needs of both flies and eggs as an essential addition to the Lovecage.

The egg trap can be transferred to the next stage of the breeding process in a single movement; flip it - it fits perfectly on the rearing crates.

Product benefit

Practical, compact design
3 functions in 1 device
Easy assembly and cleaning
Predictable production

Using the Fly Hive as intended, the rate of mislaid eggs can be reduced to less than 5%.

Special aroma

Thanks to Grinsect's specially pre-treated egg-laying sheets, female flies will lay eggs wherever you want them to.

Ideal conditions for egg-laying

In addition to the attracting effect, the bottom tray provides the ideal microclimate.

Providing the proper environmental conditions

Oxygen supply and humidity are optimal in the gaps between the egg-laying sheets.


How to keep your Fly Hive clean?

Keeping your equipment clean in your intensive black soldier fly breeding facility is crucial. This will help you preserve their condition for much longer and avoid production deficits. Keeping the Fly Hive clean is critical to optimized ovipositioning:

After use, scrub both plastic trays clean with detergent using warm water, then rinse them with plenty of water.

Rinse the watering sponge with plenty of water and dry it to prevent an unpleasant smell.

Once the larvae have hatched, the egg trap should be washed without using detergent. If necessary, you can disassemble the egg trap to remove the "leftover" eggs and shells with a scalpel before using it again.