Insect protein


Premium, environmentally friendly, GMO, and antibiotic-free insect protein made from freshly harvested, 100% Hungarian bred, sterilized, defatted, and dried black soldier fly larvae.

Thanks to the sterile and controlled breeding method and plant-based feeding, our larvae are always fresh, have high nutritional value, and do not contain risks to public and animal health.

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Easy-to-digest animal protein source, rich in essential amino and fatty acids and minerals, contains a high amount of calcium and has an optimal calcium phosphorous ratio.

An environmentally friendly alternative to conventional protein sources such as soy or fishmeal. A premium feed material for aquatic animals, pets, and farm animals like pigs and poultry.

Not suitable for human consumption!


  • Dry matter: 96%
  • Crude protein: 55,7%
  • Fat: 10%
  • Calcium: 2,6%

Biggest particle size: maximum 3 mm.


  • Alanine - 62,7
  • Arginine - 52,8
  • Aspartic acid - 88,3
  • Glutamic acid - 103,7
  • Glycine - 55
  • Histidine - 32,4
  • Isoleucine - 43,3
  • Leucine - 69,9
  • Lysine - 59,1
  • Methionine - 18,8
  • Methionine+cystine - 24,4
  • Phenylalanine - 41,5
  • Phenylalanine+tyrosine – 112,3
  • Proline - 55,4
  • Serine - 38,3
  • Threonine - 39
  • Tryptophan - 15,1
  • Valine - 63,8


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A dark brown insect meal with a characteristic scent and walnut-nutty flavor. Ideal as a feed ingredient for dry and wet feeds thanks to its rich texture.


Stored in a dry, cool place, protected from the sun, it is best before 180 days from the production date.

Product Safety

Grinsect's insect meal is produced in a fully controlled environment using an optimized and safe plant-based feedstock mixture from registered and traceable partners, strictly following all EU regulations (EC 1069/2009 and EC 142/2011) and production standards. Our products are regularly tested for heavy metals, pathogens, and pesticides.

Product benefit

Why insect meal has a place in animal feeding?

Rich in essential amino and fatty acids
Extremely rich in calcium
Easy-to-digest protein source
Suitable for hypoallergenic diets, GMO, and additive free
Made from 100% Hungarian-bred black soldier fly larvae

Grinsect's insect meal is perfect for pets' and farm animals' diets.

Fish, aquatic animals

Highly nutritious protein resource, ideal from the spawn stage.
Effective energy source thanks to the easy-to-digest essential amino acids.


Rich in fatty acids for a healthy digestive system. Easy to digest, anti-allergenic protein source. Has a positive impact on skin and fur. Immune system stimulating effect.

Poultry, pigs

The use of antibiotics can be reduced by adding them to their feed. A better feed conversion ratio, stronger and healthier livestock.