Our expert team provides sustainable and value-generating solutions to global agricultural problems.

Grinsect engages in mass breeding, rearing, and processing of the black soldier fly for feeding purposes and is also into developing and automating the BSF breeding and rearing technology. Our mission is to become a market stimulating and educating economic player in Hungary and the region by promoting precision farming, environmental awareness, and vertical insect farming on an industrial level.

We aim to provide alternative solutions for urging problems such as the growing environmental pressure caused by the massive amount of unprocessed organic byproducts, the protein crisis, and supply chain issues worldwide. Our innovation aims to produce protein in an eco-friendly way by reducing our ecological footprint as much as possible while offering alternative solutions for biowaste management and feed production.


2018 Q3

Project kick-off: breeding experiments and observations, prototypes of breeding technology tools, initial product developments.

2019 Q1

NAK & Design Terminal Agrotech Hackathon - 2nd place.

2019 Q4

From project to business: BSF Systems Ltd. is founded.

2020 Q4

Hungary's very first licensed vertical insect protein manufacturing facility, market entry with our processed insect products, and first VC investment in the insect industry in Hungary and the region [€ 1,5 million; Impact Ventures].

2021 Q3

New facility investments to increase production capacity. New product development projects with a pet food focus.

2022 Q1

Launch our new insect-base hypoallergenic dog food product line: Grinsect Yapper, Doggo, Woofer.

Our values

We are pioneers

In Hungary's first licensed insect protein manufacturing facility, we breed, rear, and process the black soldier fly larvae for feeding purposes.

We are for a greener planet.

We are producing the environmentally friendly protein of the future today while creating value every day.

We are maximalists

Being first is a big responsibility, so we make it a priority to lead by example and deliver quality work.

We are a community

We work as a diverse, young, expert, open and welcoming team.


Sándor Aszalai portraiture
Sándor Aszalai

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Nikolett Könyves portraiture
Nikolett Könyves

Co-founder, Chief Marketing Officer

Jenő Szabics portraiture
Jenő Szabics

Chief Production Officer

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If you need an experienced and reliable partner in the insect industry: our black soldier fly-based products are offered for feeding purposes. We produce them under fully controlled conditions in Hungary's first licensed vertical insect protein production facility.


Unique and valuable know-how collected over the years in intensive BSF breeding and rearing on both country and regional levels.

Our own-developed technology is designed to meet the needs of the black soldier fly. Its effectiveness comes from generations of product development, testing, and experimentation. With our technology solutions, you can become a BSF breeder. As our business partner, you can recycle your organic byproducts as valuable insect feed.

We provide the solution for your business challenges

Does your business have a large volume of crop byproducts? We have a solution that helps you recycle it in a value-generating way.

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Fresh, easily digestible, premium insect protein and oil for aquatic animals, fur animals, pigs, and poultry.

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Do you own a pet food shop? Are you a feed manufacturer or a merchant? Become a member of our reseller network!

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Innovation for entrepreneurs and investors seeking new business opportunities in the insect industry: technological tools and investments.

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